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  • I received several applications/resumes. A few were qualified and contacted. Have not hired any yet but do have working interview scheduled.

    Teresa Nagle, CVT
  • Great site! Thanks for the emails!

    Julie Muller, Therapist
  • I have found your site very useful, although I haven't yet found a job. I have however found a school to attend and get proper training and better my odds at finding a job.

    Steven Maier, Vet Assistant
  • Great service. I had applicants the first day.

    Duane Hunt, Veterinarian
  • Your site does a good job and I always am pleased with the selection of people that answer my posting.

    Donita, Veterinarian
  • This site gives us a better pool of candidates and definitely reduces recruiting costs! It's very easy to use and update. I also like the resume database and would like to see more experienced candidates using this database. Thank you for this concept. I think that it is refreshing to use a site that does not charge the employer, like all the others.

    Kristen S, Human Resources Administrator
  • I had a pleasant experience with Get Veterinary Technician Jobs. This website allowed me to search nationwide for Vet Tech jobs, and I could post my resume and apply online.

    Sadie DiFrancia, Vet Tech
  • I do find your website helpful in my job search. You post jobs as soon as they are available with details and contact information. I'm still looking; your website is part of my daily job search. Thanks for your work!

    Kathy E. Stanford, Veterinary Assistant/Tech
  • I was really surprised to find a site specifically for veterinary technicians. I just recently finished my education for vet tech so this service is really beneficial. I don't have a job yet because I am studying for the state and national exams but have been looking at the possibilities on your website. Thank you for this service.

    Marylin Bowman, Veterinary Technician
  • Your services are very important as they have helped many people to be employed.

    Ikaichek, Veterinarian
  • This service is a Godsend! Although I have not been able to locate the perfect position for myself, I review each email for possibilities. I have also forwarded the info on to other CVT's that are also job hunting! Thanks!

    Susan, CVT (Equine specialty)
  • I enjoy receiving the updates on jobs from your site. The Critical Need Jobs listing are great. I just wish there were more in my area or surrounding states! Nothing you can do about that! The economy is not great, at best.

    Nancy, Veterinary Technician
  • It's convenient to have a specific job site for technicians. You don't have to search through scads of other listings to find what you want in employment.

    Donna , Vet Tech
  • I enjoy looking at the jobs all over the United States. My focus is in Southern California, trying to get more hours as I am sure most techs are. I find your service helpful and hopefully I will find those extra hours needed.

    Kathy, Vet Tech
  • It's nice to be able to log on to your web page and find new listings of jobs around my area.

    Miguel, Vet Tech
  • It's nice to get new job postings sent to me every week!

    June Murphy, LVT/Paramedic
  • I found a job at the Veterinary Medical Center in Easton, Md last month. I found this position through your site. Thank you.

    Joanna Miller, Vet Tech
  • I like the idea of your website being proactive and seeking out ideas to better this site for all technicians. Thanks!

    Nancy, Registered Veterinary Technician
  • I like this site - it's helping me find vet tech jobs in my area faster than reading the newspaper.

    Ashley Houston, Vet Tech
  • I have more responses to the ads I post on Get Vet Tech Jobs than any other site. I have been very happy with it and love that when I get a response, I also get a list of other candidates that may work for that position. The site is easy to use and hassle free! I spend more time with this site than even the VCN. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Jennifer Green, Recruiter & Technician
  • I love the updates and the postings. Thanks for doing an awesome job!

    Michele Doyle, Pet Nurse
  • I find your services very helpful in my search for vet-related jobs. I have never missed opening/reading my email to be updated of new jobs in animal health care. Keep up the good work!

    Marabene A. Uy, Sales Associate/Animal Care Technician
  • I think this site is great. It's extremely helpful to have the veterinary jobs listed all in one place as well as by location. Keep doing what you're doing. I appreciate it.

    Cara Marie Schweller, RVT
  • I have been very pleased with the amount of information your website provides. It is by far one of most helpful I have found in helping with my job search. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Kimberley Bruner, Veterinary Assistant

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